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Mathias Séguy Curriculum Vitae

Date de publication : 01/01/2012. Date de mise à jour : 01/01/2012.

Par Mathias Seguy (fr)  (Android2EE)

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Mathias SEGUY

37 years old, Married.

Toulouse, France

Doctor in Fundamentals Mathematics

ANR Technical Expert





Web Sites :

Android2EE Author

Mathias Seguy on

Web Life :







Expert Android Consultant And Trainer
Java - J2EE Expert
9 years of experience


Area of Expertise


Technical Expert – Trainer


Android  Expert


Author of three EBooks on Android programming. Completion of several Android projects. Android speaker.
Speaker at the University JCertif Africa 2012.


Android, Gwt Trainer. Teacher in Mathematics at university.

Teaching Android in engineering schools: UPS, IUP SI, IUP ISI, INSA, CESI – Exia, Supinfo, Epitech, IngeSup.

Java J2ee Expert

Software Architect

Software Architect and Technical Expert.

GRH, ICSIS, AirbusWorld Notification, CMH, SIMBAD, BIVC.


Team and Projects Leader


 Android2ee Founder

Creation, Director and General Manager of the company Android2EE.

Technical Director

Responsible for creating the cluster department of the company. Pre sale. Recruitment.

ST Informatique Services.

Project Leader

Team Leader

Provisional budgeting, risk management, negotiation, organization.


Leadership, planning, team motivation, crisis management, methodologies.





May 2003             Master of Science in Computer Science from ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France (Mention Bien).

May 2003             PhD of Fundamental Mathematics at Université Paul Sabatier, Emile Picard laboratory, Toulouse, Fr.


Android Trainer





Over 150 EBooks sold

Writer of 3 EBooks on programming Android, for sale at Android2EE. Creator of more than 50 Android tutorials.
Android writer on, author of articles (more than 10 000 readers), blogger on :  android2ee.blogspot


Android Speaker

From 01 2011

+10 Conferences



 Android Speaker in engineering schools and universities:

Exia-CESI, Supinfo, Epitech, ISI IUP, IUP SI, ST Informatique, IngeSup, INSA, JCertif Africa 2012.

Android Professor

From 01 2011

+40h of courses



Lectures and Android courses for universities and engineering schools :  ISI IUP, IUP SI, IngeSup, JCertif Africa .


Android, GWT, Maven, Spring, Hibernate Trainer

From 01 2010


+10 people


Responsible for the internal training of the company ST Informatique: Android, GWT, Maven, Spring et Hibernate.

Setting up and teaching of the internal training on those topics (Course, Tutorials, Following).


University Teacher

5 Years (09 1998 - 05 2003)

Researcher and teacher in Fundamental Mathematics, Mathematics & IT Department, Université Paul Sabatier.


Technical Director

21 months (01 2010- 09 2011)





Ø Technical and Pre-sales Director


·         Conducted pre-sales.

·         Recruitment Officer.

·         Managing and responsible for internal and external project  teams.

·         Responsibility of the division's budget.

·         Development of ramp up for the company's employees on Java programming: Hibernate, Spring, Swing, Maven, GWT, Android ...


Ø Responsible for the creation of the cluster department of the company.


·         Establishment of generic infrastructures for projects follow up (specification, development, quality monitoring, documentation templates).

·         Audit and management of internal business applications.

·         Management and support of first projects (GWT development, Android Development, Audit).


Java - J2EE Expert & Software Architect.



 Unix, Linux, Windows, Android.


 Java (J2SE, J2EE).

Framework / API Java

 Android SDK, Swing, Eclipse RCP, GWT, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, EJB 3, Acceleo...

Projects Tools

 UML, Andro MDA, MagicDraw, Rationnal Rose, Maven, Hudson, Sonar, Subversion, JUnit, PMD, CheckStyle, JMeter…


 Pvcs, SQL, MySQL postgre SQL, Oracle 9, Oracle 10, ClearCase, ClearQuest…


 Client/Server (R.M.I.), TCP/IP, ISO, Tomcat, Corba.


Technical Leader

Airbus World Notification

Airbus (via GFI)

[ST Informatiques]

6 Months (08 2009 - 01 2010)




Notification project for Airbus World portal. The Airbus World portal allows customers, operators, flight crews, maintenance personnel and other aviation industry professionals to have a single secure access point to all Airbus on-line services. This notification project is the flagship project of 2010 for the AirbusWorld portal. An important aspect of this project is to have a centralized, uniform, simple, single and transversal reporting tool, that replaces 14 existing specific solutions associated to legacy tools embedded in the portal and replaces the SPOC technology-based AOLS  legacy tool.

Ø IT Project Leader

Technical conception of the project to the M5 milestone:

-     Logical view and system definition from details to global design.

-     Architecture Dossier (ARD), Concept Phase Dossier (CPD), Cost of the solution.



Technical Leader


CNES (Via CapGemini)

[ST Informatiques]

1 year (09 2006 - 09 2007)


10 people

In charge of 7 people

“Système d'Information et de Management des BAlises Doris” can be translated by Information and Management System of the Doris Beacons. It enables the management of the entire physical structure associated with DORIS beacons, including sending orders to remote satellites and beacons, report generation for the IDS and IGN, simulation module.

N-tiers architecture: Swing, Tomcat, Https, Spring, UML (MagicDraw) and code generation using AndroMDA, Hibernate, Maven,  JavaWebStart.

Ø Technical leader:

-  Technical and business specifications of the external interfaces of the system.

-  Business specification of the simulation module and definition of application GUI (+60 screens).

-  Preliminary technical specification and detailed technical specification of the software.

-  Design, prototype (OpenMap, JTreeTable, Spring, Swing) and implementation of the client framework  and a set of libraries used by the GUI team.

-  Management of a 7 man developer team and follow up.

-  Tracking budgets and expenses (following and estimates).


Project Leader



[ST Informatiques]

9 Months (06 2010- 02 2010)


3 people

In charge of 3 people

Tempo is an application to manage a company’s employers fee sheets and timesheets.

Ø Project Leader, Business and technical Leader, Manager, Architect and GWT developer

-     Financial, human and technical responsibility of project.

-     Responsible for design files (technical, business, quality ...) and project developments.

-     Responsible for customer relationship.

-     Coding of GUI using GWT.


G.U.I. Leader


Airbus (Via GFI)

[ST Informatiques]

5 months (09 2010 - 01 2011)


10 people

In charge of 3 people

The BIVC project aims to centralize all aspects of military flights over the French territory, for the French army.

N-tiers Architecture: Applet, Https, Servlet, Tomcat, Corba, Oracle, Hibernate.

Ø Java engineer, G.U.I responsible:

-     Manager of a team of three people. Teaching Swing.

-     Analysis and development of GUI (30 screens).

-     Development of the communication layer between the HTML Applets and the Servlets, GUI methods dedicated to Servlets (controller, control...), communication methods between CORBA and the Servlets dedicated to GUI and of some of the methods of GUI dedicated service.

-     Creation of Swing toolkits and Applet-Servlet communication toolkits.


Technical Expert of the French National Research Agency (so called A.N.R.)

Since02 2011

Technical expert with the A.N.R. for the Digital and Security Engineering department.


Project Manager and Project Leader



GPP, MS Project, Quality Center, Rational.

RUP, Agile, Scrum, Merise, 2Tup.


IT Project Leader


Airbus (via SopraGroup)

[ST Informatiques]

14 Months (04 2008 - 06 2009)

8M€ annual (in charge IS 3M€)

+100 people

In charge of +40 people

ISAMI project, Improve Structural Analysis Multidisciplinary Integration, is a common application to all players in the design and calculation of air resistance which replaces 500 different multidisciplinary and multinational legacy tools. This project is a top priority for Airbus. ISAM is used in the design of the A350 and all future Airbus programs.

The application is both stand alone and distributed, based on a proprietary framework (CÆSAM), coded in Java (GUI), C, C++, Fortran (calculation methods) and Python (user scripts).

Ø IT Project Leader

Responsible for the IS part of the Project:

-     Management of development teams (5 teams of 10-15 people each over 5 countries, France, Spain, Germany, England and Belgium).

-     Responsible of and leader for technical issues (design, testing), developments of the project, pre-integration, validation, implementation into production, team productivity, activity follow up, compliance with schedules.

-     Maintaining and Managing (Planning / Government / Monitor) the IT section of the budget.

-     Ensuring project progress by monitoring subcontractors and deliverables.

-     Facilitating communication between all actors involved in the project.


Technical Leader


Airbus (via CapGemini)

[ST Informatiques]

8 Months (09 2007- 04 2008)

+2000 d/h on the period

+15 people

In charge of 12 people

Configuration Management Harmonization, Version 8, aims to deliver a coherent and harmonized management processes used in aircraft configuration and their certification by authorities. CMH in numbers is more than 6600 users, 1600 different users per day, 110 000 pages per hour, 94% of pages generated in less than 5 seconds, a database of 950 GB.

4-tiers architecture: IPlanet, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Windchill, Oracle 9.

Ø Technical leader

-     Management of the development team (12 developers including 2 ex situ).

-     Responsible of technical design and quality dossiers, of norms and standards respect, of developments, pre-integration, validation and delivery of the project.

-     Responsible of team productivity, activity follow up, task management, in respect with deadlines.


Project Leader


Airbus (Via GFI)

[ST Informatiques]

5 Months (09 2010 - 01 2011)


5 people

In charge of 5 people

ICSIS Recovery Program is an audit of an Airbus project that uses automatic code generation split into two distinct parts: the generator and the generated application. The audit goal is to:

·         Evaluate the generated application in the production environment.

·         Evaluate the ability of the application to evolve.


Ø Project leader

-     Financial, human and technical responsibility of project.

-     Management of the consultant team (5 Java-J2EE experts).

-     Responsible of expertise, of reports and of presentations to clients and other project stakeholders.

-     Responsible for monitoring actions, management tasks, with respect of deadlines.




English: fluent.



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